Yev here, the owner...

As a teen my first Kodak digital Camera from Costco had 7.1mp with a Zeiss Lens.... From there I learned photo deeply dived into video and alwasy had a passion for creative shots and colorful images. My amazing wife has always been there to hold me up in my artistic lows and tough days! Welcome to my world...

Yev Kostenko is the artist behind all of the fine art photography and runs the operations of Vantage Studio.

How we work

How Sarasota Studio Operates

Step 1 - Inquire

Contact us with your project and/or request

Step 2 - Solutions

We do our best to provide the solution to your inquiry. For Example, if you ask for a real estate shoot, Yev Kostenko will look for his availability first. If unable to accommodate on the requested date, we have subcontractors that were raised under the wings of Yev Kostenko. If that doesnt work, we have direct relations with other subcontractors that can provide the product needed.

Step 3 - Filming

On the day of filming we will be on location at the requested time and the agreed upon service will be done.

Step 4 - Delivery

After filming and taking photos we need time to make it look perfect. We work with you to complete the desired look and deliver it to you.