Wedding Videography

My view of current wedding videographers is that of mass production. Meaning while each one is unique they all feel like it was copied off another. Slow motion, Faded colors, Romantic music, and vows.... That summarizes 90% of the wedding videos these days. I believe wedding videos have to be engaging for all audiences not just the couple. Cinematic doesn't mean just colors and slow motion. It means it has to be captivating...

Borisyuk Wedding Film


Pricing & Packages


Perfect for those on a budget. We cover your wedding and get you a beautiful video for warm memories!

-8 hours with you filming your day
-1 Cinematic 8-15min Recap of your day
-Overtime available upon request



Looking to get some more out of your day? This is the package for you.

-10 hours with you filming your day
-1 Cinematic Recap of your day
-Full recordings of your ceremony and reception on single clips
-overtime available upon request



This is our most inclusive package!
-12 hours with you filming your day
-1 Cinematic Recap in HDR and SDR
-Full recordings of your ceremony and reception on single clips
-5-10 Social Media clips for you to share
-Photographer discounts
-Pre consultation


Contact us to schedule a meeting or to get more info!


How many hours are you onsite during the wedding?

Depends on how many you book. There is a minimum fee though. Contact us to customize your wedding day!

Do you Travel for weddings?

We cover Sarasota, Venice, North Port, Port Charlotte and Ft. Meyers, anything further will have travel fees. Let me know where your wedding is and we would love to be a part of it!

When do we expect to see our finished wedding film?

Delivery for the wedding film is 1-3 months.

How do we recieve our wedding film?

You will receive a hard drive with your day and all the files associated with your wedding on it. Also a youtube link to share with your friends and family and that simply works on any device and tv!

How many cameras am I paying for?

Over 5 years of experience has showed me 1 camera placed properly at the proper time is all you need. And knowing when the 2nd camera is needed we will definitely provide the 2nd shooter that wont miss a thing!

What if I dont like my Wedding film, can you redo it?

Please understand the nature of the business. Wedding films are artistic and artists do their very best to input the best in their artwork. If you want something changed, definitely let us know and we will work with you to get the best film you want!

What if my wedding got cancelled/rescheduled?

If you need to reschedule your wedding, we will definitely work with you and hopefully the new date is available in our calendar! Deposits are nonrefundable though. Please understand that equipment is not cheap and disrupting the calendar will take a heavy toll on a small business like us. Email us your worries and we will do our best to accommodate.