Outdoor Photo Sessions

Outdoor and Family Photoshoots

Time to for a family picture update? Or maybe you would like to get portraits in the sun and by the beach. Lets schedule a photoshoot session outside of our studio for a more dynamic and natural background. All of our images are processed and cleaned up with skin retouching (removing blemishes) and in a horizontal aspect ratio which can be cropped to a vertical format.

Creative Stylized photos curated by the vision of the photographer


View yourself from a whole new point of view

Unique Looks and Styles

Add some uniqueness to your portraits

Our point of view all differs from one another. Order the Tier II to get a very creative edit by the photographer himself at how he envisions your portrait. Results vary from different shoots and this is an ART PIECE that you get to keep for yourself!

Pricing & Packages

Tier I

Perfect for updated profile pictures, business/corporate headshots, or something for the living room wall.

-Up to 30 min Studio Mini Session
-Minimum of 10 images
-Cloud Password Protected Client Access
-1 Location
-Basic Corrections (skin touchup)


Tier II

I want my images to stand out! We do all of the safe shots but would like to put a creative style on them.

-Up to 60 min Studio Session
-Minimum of 20 images
-Cloud Password Protected Client Access
-1 location
-6 Vantage Portraits


Tier III

Lets get creative and stylize. This is a purely artistic and freestyle shoot that leads to the most amazing shots!
-Up to 60 min Session
-Minimum of 20 Images
-Cloud Password Protected Client Access
- Added Dramatic Flash lighting
-12 Vantage Portraits

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